About SoCal Platinum

Founded in 2007, SoCal Platinum Insurance, Inc. serves hundreds of businesses and individual.  President and Founder Chad Olson has proudly served the Orange County insurance community since early 1999.

Chad is a member of CRIS.  Ast stated by CRIS:

About the CRIS® Program

The Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) program is a specialized curriculum focusing on the insurance and risk management needs of construction projects and contractors. Those who complete the program are entitled to display the CRIS certification to certify their knowledge of construction insurance and risk management and dedication to the industry. To obtain the CRIS certification, you complete 5 specialized courses on construction risks and insurance. To maintain the CRIS certification, you obtain only 7 hours of approved construction risk and insurance continuing education credit during the initial 24 months and every 12 months thereafter (generally one online course or a seminar). The entire curriculum is delivered online through a user-friendly interface. The CRIS program is brought to you by IRMI, the leader in construction risk management and insurance research and education for more than 27 years.

The CRIS Certification Establishes Credibility and Dedication

The insurance needs of contractors are quite complex, and insurance generalists frequently make errors in designing programs for their clients. Thus, the CRIS program was developed by IRMI in response to concerns expressed by many contractors about the difficulty of determining whether their insurance agents, brokers, and other risk advisers had the specialized knowledge necessary to properly design and arrange their insurance programs. Completing the CRIS curriculum will assure that the agent, broker, consultant, or in-house risk manager or insurance purchaser understands the most important insurance needs of contractors. The program also establishes the individual’s commitment to the construction industry with a mandatory continuing education component focusing on construction risk and insurance. When dealing with a holder of the CRIS certification, a contractor will know that this person possesses at least a basic-to-intermediate understanding of construction exposures, insurance, and risk management techniques, and that the person is making an effort to stay on top of insurance industry changes and trends affecting contractors. For advice on selecting a superior insurance broker or agent, see the articles “How to Choose an Insurance Agent or Broker” and “How to Select an Insurance Agent or Broker (Part 2)“.