DUI Insurance

A DUI is a term that relates to a person who is arrested while driving an automobile while under the influence of alcohol or a drug. In the case of a drug, it may be one that is illegal, prescribed, or even an over-the-counter purchase from a store. It is also commonly referred to as a DWI, or driving while intoxicated, or driving while impaired.

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After receiving a DUI the driver’s license may be suspended. If so, then there are some steps that will have to be taken to get back driving privileges. One will also need to find out if his or her existing or previous auto insurance carrier will consider an insurance policy or not. If the carrier agrees, insurance premium rates may go up significantly. If the policy is canceled due to the DUI, or it has expired and the insurance company will not allow renewal, then a different insurance company must be found that will issue what is known as an SR22 Policy. This is an auto insurance policy that is accompanied by a form called SR22 which is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles in accordance with state laws. If such a policy can be acquired, a driver may submit an application for a restricted license, which allows the driver to drive to and from work, and also to and from the required and approved DUI Program. The SR22 is considered the only acceptable proof of driver’s financial responsibility after a DUI, and the policy will only be issued if the applicant has completed the following steps:

  1. Pay a driver’s license re-issue fee of $125.00
  2. Submit to the DMV the required SR22 Form.
  3. Show proof of enrollment in an approved DUI Program.

Once these requirements are met the program must be completed, and the insurance policy and SR22 Form must be maintained for a period of three years, without lapse or cancellation. If the policy is canceled or for whatever reason no longer in effect, the insurance carrier is required to notify the DMV.

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