Insurance FAQ’s

As with any industry, Insurance has its share of frequently asked questions.  Have pressing insurance questions which you’d like answers to?  Take a closer look and see if we may be able to address that for you instantly.

If my car is broken into, are the contents covered?

The contents of your vehicle are not covered, however the damage to your vehicle is covered by your auto insurance.  If, however, you have a homeowners policy, the contents of the vehicle may be covered under that policy if the claim is higher than the deductible.

If the street sewer line backs up into my home would it be covered on my homeowners policy as water damage?

No, it would not be covered unless you buy the specific sewer water back up coverage of $5,000 or $10,000.  This is an additional endorsement that is one of the biggest gaps left of most homeowners policies.

Am I covered if I am sued for personal injury on my homeowners policy?

The answer is no unless you have purchased the personal injury endorsement.   The standard homeowners policy covers bodily injury and property damage. It does not cover Personal Injury. Personal injury includes false arrest, wrongful eviction or entry, invasion of the right of privacy in a room or dwelling, slander and defamation, or the violation of the person’s right to privacy—in other words, injuries that don’t affect the body.

I had water come into my house from a break in the main water line. Am I covered?

No, any water intruding from the exterior into the home is not covered on the homeowners policy.  Water intruding from outside needs to be covered by a separate flood policy which is affordable if you do not live in a flood zone and is highly recommended.

Does my homeowners policy cover earthquakes?

There would only be coverage if a covered peril on the homeowners policy occurs simultaneously during the earthquake such as a fire.  But the damage from the quake alone would not be covered.  Earthquake insurance may be purchased separately.