10 Ways to Save on Orange County Auto Insurance

10 Ways to Save on Orange County Auto Insurance

With todays ever rising costs, be it gas for your car, clothing for your back, or simply just trying to put food in your families mouths, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that there are ways to save a buck? How about an inexpensive way to save money on your auto insurance?  How, you might ask? Here are 10 practical and easy solutions to help you Orange County humans keep your hard earned money where it belongs, in YOUR pocket.

  1. The higher the deductible for claims the lower you pay, bottom line
  2. If you own your car, you can do away with collision. But remember, if you are in an accident there is no coverage for replacing your vehicle, unless it’s the other drivers fault. If it’s a single vehicle accident however, you’re still covered if you have injured occupants in your car. Not the replacement value of your car.
  3. Do not put a claim in for minor scratches, or little fender benders. Try to live with the minor imperfection or have the other driver that hit you cover it. Most insurance companies do have accident forgiveness and your rating won’t change with the first claim. However if you start putting claim after claim in, your insurance will go up and in some cases your company can and will drop you as a client. Save the claims for major damage.
  4. Pay yearly if you can afford to. Monthly is great for those of us that can’t afford to pay out $1500.00 or so at once. But in all honesty you can save a bundle just by paying yearly.
  5. Try to keep the sound system at a minimal. Any parent that has a teenaged male presently residing under their roof may outright laugh at that suggestion. But seriously, when you’re looking at replacement cost from the insurance company’s perspective, costly sound systems are dollar signs.
  6. Install an alarm on your car. Professionally, not a do it yourself kind. You know the kind that only works when it’s warm and sunny out and not when Mother Nature decides to unleash her icy breath.
  7. Shop around getting quotes from a few companies. Especially look for the ones that have a disappearing deductible.
  8. Have home insurance with another company? Combine auto and home insurance with one company. Most offer a 5% to 10% discount when purchasing both.
  9. Keep the toys to a minimal when purchasing a new vehicle. I know, I know, who doesn’t love the power windows, the heated seats in the winter to keep their fur … er skin all toasty and warm or the talking GPS when you’re lost? Everyone does right? Absolutely right! Even car thieves love the toys. The flashier it is, the more likely you are to see the lovely backside of your pride and joy careening down the road, while you scramble to dial 911. So keep this in mind when you’re purchasing your next new vehicle. Insurance companies are the ones that will replace your stolen pride and joy.
  10. Who loves the flash of the colour red? Bulls do, men do and so do women on their nails. Apparently so do car accidents, if you have a red vehicle you may just want to consider painting it another colour. Statistically more red vehicles are in accidents then any other colour out there.

So there you have it in a nutshell 10 Easy and Inexpensive ways to save on your auto insurance.

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