Business Insurance

Commercial insurance is insurance that business owners invest in to protect their businesses.  Historically it has proven to be one of the most important investments a business owner can make. A business is exposed to potential situations that may result in loss caused by unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

Commercial insurance is one of the building blocks in creating a business.  Without commercial insurance, a business is placed at risk.  When unforseen and unfortunate events happen in the course of normal business, a business owner may suffer a loss of property and money.  Commercial insurance adds valuable protection against losses from things such as theft, liability, and property damage.  It can also provide coverage that compensates for the interruption of normal business and employee injuries.  When these events occur that affect a business negatively, the business owner may also find his personal property and money at risk if his commercial insurance coverage is not adequate.

The three primary types of commercial insurance are Property, Liability and Worker’s Compensation.  Here is a basic explanation of what these types of insurance are:

Property Insurance:  Whether you own your building, lease your workspace or work at home, you will want to protect your business’ physical assets.  A fire could destroy your building.  A burst pipe could cause extensive water damage to physical property and documents.  The physical property itself and inventory of a business can be protected with property insurance.

Liability Insurance:  Adequate commercial liability coverage is imperative to conducting business.  Liabilities imposed by business interactions or by law can become serious burdens.  Liability insurance may cover part or all of the damages incurred.  It may also cover the cost of legal defense in case of claims.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:  This is sometimes called Workers’ Comp Insurance, or Workmans’ Compensation Insurance.  In the case of employees being injured on the job, workers’ comp insurance covers the employees’ medical expenses and at least part of the employees’ lost wages due to unavoidable time off from work.