Personal Healthcare

Personal Healthcare Insurance is purchased by individuals to supplement the costs of medical and dental care in case it is needed, and usually includes basic checkups and standard office visits periodically during the course of the year.  It has been said that the number one cause of bankruptcy in America is illness.  This stands before us all as indication enough that without some form of health insurance a huge risk is being taken.

In developed countries, such as the U.S., people are tending to live longer, which means that the overall population is aging.  This also means that healthcare applies to more people for a longer period of time.  Inevitably, overall medical costs have gone up to accommodate this growing elder generation plus the new generation that continues to grow as well.  Medical costs also increase because of investment in new technologies and products.  With new solutions to old problems come the costs of development, distribution, and availability.

Healthcare insurance has undergone many changes in the last few years.  The most recent of these is the healthcare plan initiated under President Obama’s administration.  It has adjusted the rules of coverage of healthcare insurance benefits to include such changes as children up to the age of 26 and under can remain on the parents’ insurance policies, and the requirement that everyone must subscribe to some level of health insurance.  This means that although healthcare insurance is easier to get, more funds are needed to pay for the services and products that are being discounted through insurance.

As an ongoing result of rising healthcare costs many reform issues and initiatives are in the forefront of the news, and monthly premiums for insurance continue to increase.  The common effect is that more people can afford basic insurance coverage, while those with existing insurance may see their monthly premiums go up even if they process no claims.

With the new laws pertaining to healthcare insurance it has become more critical to understand the changing environment of healthcare.  California is a trail blazer in incorporating the benefits of the new Obama healthcare plan, and has already passed legislation and allocated federal resources for its implementation.  Therefore there are benefits of the plan in California that are not yet available in many states.

In this complex world of changing insurance laws and new benefits it helps to know what the best choices are. The only way to accomplish this is to have the best resource for information regarding healthcare insurance and healthcare laws.  Another great asset is having an insurance agent who is a broker and has access to all the best plans and pricing.

This is where Chad Olson comes in.  Chad is an insurance broker, which means he can help you find multiple sources for your insurance needs, and assist you in determining which policy will best suit your requirements.  He is extremely knowledgeable with all types of insurance, including healthcare, and can help you to navigate through the ever-changing world of personal healthcare insurance.  Call Chad today for more information.

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