Mobile Homes, Boats and Watercraft

Along with personal autos and work vehicles, the roads and freeways are populated with various other types of people movers, transporting from one to dozens of people at one time.  One of the most common is motorcycles carrying one and possibly two riders.  Also there are mobile homes which have their own additional concerns.  There are occasional classic cars and collector vehicles which cause a unique spectacle as they cruise alongside more modern autos.  Recreational vehicles also include trailers and the boats and watercraft that they may be carrying.

All of these kinds of transports can and should be insured.  Similar types of coverage are available for these vehicles and water transports as with traditional autos.  Most auto insurance companies will insure them for collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage.  Also a popular type of insurance is uninsured motorist coverage.

As always with insurance, the goal is to protect the insured against claims resulting from any accidents or event that causes damages to property and/or people.  The costs could include replacement of items damaged or lost, medical payments, lost wages, or even paying funeral costs.

Mobile Homes:

Mobile homes are also referred to as manufactured homes.  Wind storm damage, fire, lightning, damage from falling objects and explosions are some of the hazards that can be insured against if you own a mobile home.  Replacement cost insurance may be available, but may also be costly.  Along with insuring the home itself, most mobile home owners consider insuring contents of the mobile home, such as personal property and collections that are valuable.   Also, mobile home owners often add identity theft insurance to their array of coverage.

Classic and Collector Cars:

To be considered a classic or collector, a car must be at least 15 years old.  An interesting fact is that to secure insurance for a classic car in California, the driver must have been licensed for at least ten years.  Also, a garage for a classic car is required by law in California, as well as in most states.  Another important part of classic car law in California is that the owner, in order to secure insurance, must have a daily driving vehicle other than that classic car, and an insured classic must not be used for daily driving.

Boats and Watercraft:

California does not require insurance for boats or watercraft.  If you own a form of non-motorized watercraft, and it is not worth a great deal, you may choose to disregard the idea of insuring it.  However, if you own a motorized boat or personal watercraft (PWC), and the risk of injury is high, or if it would cost a lot to repair or replace, you should probably consider insurance.  If your boat or watercraft carries two or more people at a time and is motorized, it is a good idea to acquire at least liability insurance.  A canoe or kayak is considered a PWC, yet is not considered as dangerous, and the value is usually fairly low.  Hence, you may decide that it is not worth insuring that sort of watercraft.  On the other hand, a jet ski and other PWC can do some serious damage.  Whether insurance is required in your state or not, if you own any expensive or potentially dangerous boat or watercraft, insurance is a must.

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