Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella or Excess Liability Insurance

Most individuals have a home insurance policy, auto insurance and probably insurance coverage for any boats or watercraft that they own.  However, sometimes these policies contain benefits that are insufficient to protect the insured in the case of great or total loss.  An umbrella insurance policy is designed to extend benefits beyond the limits of existing insurance coverage with one additional policy without being expensive. 

When someone’s property, assets, investments, and savings amount to more than the liability limits of one’s coverage, an umbrella policy is a good potential solution.  It is not part of a homeowner’s policy, auto policy or other insurance, but is purchased separately.  It starts to pay when your basic insurance policy has paid out its limit in benefits towards a claim, and saves the insured from having to incur the costs personally, protecting their assets.

An umbrella policy can have a wider coverage potential than a standard homeowners policy.  Things such as slander, libel or invasion of privacy are not generally covered in a homeowner’s policy, but can be covered in an umbrella policy.  Along with your home and cars, umbrella policy coverage can be written to include boats, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles.

Umbrella or excess liability insurance may be a great option for protecting assets.  SoCal Platinum Insurance is a brokerage, and with the leverage that accompanies working with such a wide range of providers, Chad Olsen is perfectly positioned and perfectly experienced to find you the best umbrella liability coverage to suit your needs.